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Sandbox Melrose has an atmospheric layout so that several parties can occur simultaneously, yet entirely independent of one another. Nonetheless, the restaurant/bar can also be used as a unified venue for a large party. The advantage of this design is to provide accommodation for large parties, making it easy for people to travel into other sections of the room with ease. Sandbox Melrose is also able to provide cornered off areas for smaller events. The main lounge and dining area, which is located downstairs, and can be seamlessly connected to the patio, is filled with plush couches, romantic candle light and a top of the line music system. On our enclosed and heated one of a kind beautiful patio, we provide the audio and visual capabilities making it ideal for those wishing to create their own vibe independent from the inside dining room. The VIP second floor lounge, complete with audio and visual capabilities along with full bar and balconies, is available for total seclusion. When preparing for any type of event, look to Sandbox Melrose to make the planning easy and stress free to bring you to a fantastic and successful party.